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Mysterious Rain
Making the alien face east adds a whole bunch of extra raindrops

Input text: 
Enormous rain drops are falling on a head. Grey [travel] backdrop. An enormous rain drop is above the rain drops. A 4 inch high alien is 5 inch in the rain drop. It is facing east. Camera light is pink.
##getty  #MostIllogicalCaptain 
134 (Created on: IOS)
Attributions (3D models): head
Attributions: Getty Images, rain by jarble
nheiges  (2/20/2020) 
That's interesting.
Nanook  (2/21/2020) 
KAWE  (2/21/2020) 
dear hedgehog, it is not because you made the alien face east (you dit not) but typed "it is facing east" and that is an undefined state so WE added rain. You can also type "it is facing west" ,in that case WE will add rain too.
Nanook  (2/21/2020) 
I don't know why WE added the extra rain but I had a similar issue in a scene when I didn't say exactly what it is I wanted facing a particular direction. Usually all you have to say is 'it' with it being the model spoken of in the prior sentence but now I am finding that doesn't always work.
hedgehog1965  (2/21/2020) 
Thanks - makes a bit more sense now I realise there is a rain vignette
nheiges  (2/21/2020) 
Seems like whenever I add an unidentified "it," WordsEye gives me a clown. :-O
Nanook  (2/21/2020) 
yeah I was away from home when I was thinking there was probably a vignette that was titled 'drops' and in the first line of text you said 'drops' so that would explain the 'drops'. Anyway, sounds like the mysterious rain is explained :-)