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I come from the land down under.

Input text: 
a .5 foot tall shiny earth is -1.5 feet above a 2 foot tall clear white vase. a light is above the sphere. it is night. a aquamarine light is 10 feet in front of the vase. ambient light is sea mist blue. ground is invisible. a .1 foot tall penguin is beneath the earth. the penguin leans 90 degrees to the front. sky is 5000 foot tall [sky].
Effects: Contrast, Contrast, Contrast, Contrast, Brightness, Balloon, Brightness, Contrast, Saturation
Attributions: Getty Images
watcher570  (3/1/2020) 
Nanook  (3/1/2020) 
I hear that's the place to be with this virus circulating :-)
hedgehog1965  (3/1/2020) 
I'll just smile and give him a vegemite sandwich :-)
nheiges  (3/2/2020) 
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