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The Parent-Teacher Conference
Sitting awkwardly on the small chair - a somewhat distant memory now :-)

Input text: 
a scientist is -1.6 foot above a small blue gray chair. the chair is -.5 foot behind her. she is in a classroom. her shirt is [white]. shadow plane is invisible.
Attributions (3D models): scientist
Attributions: Getty Images
Nanook  (3/5/2020) 
are you taking a walk down memory lane or re-living it? :-)
nheiges  (3/5/2020) 
Well, I still go to the conferences, but the chairs are bigger now :-) It is parent-teacher conference week right now.
watcher570  (3/6/2020) 
nice one
mohapn15  (3/11/2020) 
Looks great! Memories tied to parent-teacher conferences...not so great...
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