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Odd Times
In response to the Valencia match yesterday and the disregard for the Corona precautions from the fans.

Input text: 
The image backdrop. There is a humongous [UCL] mask 3 feet to the left of the man.
hedgehog1965 (2020) 
I was on a train recently, wearing gloves and with my scarf over my mouth and nose. Everyone else was carrying on as usual. I must be paranoid...
Nanook (2020) 
@hedgehog1965, We just returned from a trip to town (for the 2nd and hopefully last time) to stock up on groceries etc. I think we are ready to hunker down and stay out of the mainstream for a spell. I wouldn't say you are paranoid maybe observant and following guidelines as more people should be doing. We have the luxury of being retired but I realize that is not possible for so many. Stay safe as best you can !
mohapn15 (2020) 
No downside to be overly cautious in these times - I personally have not visited any older or young family members for a.bit and don't plan to for a while, as I live in NYC and don't want to pass anything on.
nheiges (2020) 
It seems like the responsible thing to do (being cautious) at this point. I've had to stay away from mom's assisted living place lately, which I hate to do, but I think it's necessary now. The university and the school district both just suspended classes for two weeks and I'm waiting anxiously to see if my technical college will do the the same.
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