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The Last Bath

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the very large pool table is -8.5 feet above the big sea. the sea is 40% transparent. the boat is -8 feet behind the pool table. the boat is -7 feet above the sea. the mainsail of the boat is cloth texture. the tiny white illuminator is 40 feet above the boat. the very huge ball is 20 feet in front of the boat. the big swimmer is 75 feet to the right of the ball. he is -1.55 feet above the sea. he is facing down. the camera light is black. the tiny ink blue illuminator is 20 feet above the very huge ball. it is morning. the sun is 3% bright. it is very cloudy. The very large knife is -9 inches above the swimmer. it is 29 inches behind the top of the swimmer. it is upside-down. The red disk is seven inches above the top of the knife.
Zamchick (legacy) 
Wait, there in the mist...who is that? scene--7323
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