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the computer is on the kitchen table in the room. it is -1.5 feet in front of the table. the chair is in front of the table. it is facing back. the small ape is on the chair. another small ape is 1 foot behind the computer. it is facing the computer. the red light is 2 feet above the computer. a blue light is 2 feet to the left and 1 foot above the ape. A 3rd ape is 1.5 feet to the left of the chair. it is 2.5 feet tall. it is leaning 20 degrees to the back. a green light is 1 foot above and 2 feet in front of the 3rd ape. the [Screen] paper is -10 inches in front of the computer. it is 12 inches wide. it is 9 inches tall.
nheiges (3/18/2020) 
haha :-)
Nanook (3/19/2020) 
See options :-DD
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