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Practicing Safety
Or trying to . . .

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backdrop is deck. a 1st 1 foot tall black chair. a very small man is sitting -.5 foot in front of chair. a 2nd 2 foot tall chair is 5 feet in front of and 1 foot left of and beneath the 1st chair. it faces the 1st chair. a very small double bass is in front of the man. it leans 10 degrees to the left. a 2.25 foot tall woman is sitting -1 foot behind the 2nd chair. she faces the 1st chair. her shirt is pattern. a very small lute is -1.75 feet behind and -1.1 foot above the woman. it faces back. it leans 70 degrees to the left. a very small shiny white note is above and .5 foot behind the lute. a 2nd very small shiny note is .5 feet behind and right of and -.3 feet above the note. a 3rd very small shiny note is above and in front of the double bass. a 4th very small shiny white note is .5 feet in front of and left of and -.3 feet above the note. a gold light is above and 5 feet in front of and 3 feet right of the woman. the man's shirt is navy. sun is sepia mauve. shadow plane is invisible.
Nanook (3/20/2020) 
We definitely have a lot of life stories to illustrate these days. Great positioning :-)
nheiges (3/20/2020) 
Thanks! Immediately after my music partner went home, I saw the news that our county commission approved a mandatory 24/7 curfew. There are many exceptions, but music practice isn't one of them.
Nanook (3/20/2020) 
Wow, we are staying home on our own but we live in the country and have 25 acres so we have room to move about. The only exception is having to go in to the P.O. for mail, but not too often.
nheiges (3/20/2020) 
Are you pretty well stocked up on food? We're still going out almost daily for groceries. This morning I picked up a croissant outside my favorite bakery to give them some business.
Nanook (3/20/2020) 
We are used to stocking up for a month at a time because when we were in Alaska it was 100 miles one way for groceries etc. and when it's 50 below it's not fun. We started stocking up a month ago when we were seeing how people were getting quarantined in China so we should be good for a spell. There are always deer if it gets too bad but I don't want to have to go there.
nheiges (3/20/2020) 
It must be a comfort to know you're prepared for (almost) anything. Alaska was good training for a pandemic!
Nanook (3/20/2020) 
Yeah who knew. Well only time will tell I suppose. I figure we can only follow the guide lines and then at that point it's in God's hands.
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