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I'm telling you, the house is getting smaller!

Input text: 
a 1st small person is -5 feet in front of a 12 foot deep beige house. the ceiling of the house is [paper]. a 2nd small person is -1 foot right of the person. she faces southwest. a 3rd 2.5 foot tall person is in front of and -1 foot left of the 1st person. a tan light is -.1 foot above and in front of the 1st person. a 1st small sofa is 3 feet behind the 1st person. a 4th small person is behind and -1 foot right of the 1st person. he faces northeast. a 2nd small sofa is 1 foot left of and -4 feet in front of the 3rd person. it faces right. backdrop is invisible. a 1st 1.5 foot tall and 5 foot wide [sky] painting is .1 foot above and behind the 1st sofa. a flat 1.5 foot tall and 5 foot wide window is in front of the painting. a 2nd 1.4 foot tall and 3 foot wide [abstract] painting faces right. it is .2 foot above and .2 foot left of and -2 feet behind the 2nd sofa. the floor of the house is [pattern]. the first person's shirt is [blue]. a cat faces right. it is above and -1 foot behind the 1st sofa. a small dog is -.2 foot in front of and -.25 foot left of the 3rd person. it faces back. camera light is beige. a .2 foot deep and 5.5 foot wide and 3.1 foot tall curtain is in front of and -3 feet above and -5.25 feet right of the window. its curtain is 1 foot tall [lavender]. its rod is white. its tie is white.
boneybird (2020) 
Ha ha (back at you!)
Nanook (2020) 
Too funny if only it were haha.
hedgehog1965 (2020) 
She's right!
watcher570 (2020) 
No your just getting bigger! :-)
nheiges (2020) 
Haha - it's hard not to snack when you're stuck at home :-D
Nanook (2020) 
Read an article somewhere on what to stock up on and it commented on the fact that people will be eating more because they are stuck at home. My fav right now is smoked almonds but I am trying to limit/ration them.
nheiges (2020) 
I am addicted to frozen grapes lately - relatively healthy, but still full of sugar. I'm not doing a good job of limiting them at all!
Nanook (2020) 
My husband baked some focaccia bread with sun dried tomatoes and olives yesterday and between the two of us we ate over half of it. :-ZZ
nheiges (2020) 
That sounds delicious!
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