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Atom Heart Mother

Input text: 
A silver pie. Cold sky. Camera light is black. The sun is black. A small cyan light is above the pie. A light is above and 2 feet left of the pie. A 0.3 inch wide silver sphere is on the pie. A 0.5 inch wide silver sphere is 1 inch right of and in front of the sphere. A 0.5 inch wide shiny heart is 0.2 inch left of the sphere. It is leaning 90 degrees to the front. It is upside down. It is facing southwest.
##HD  #AnUnusualMothersDay 
Effects: Sharpen, Brightness, Color-emboss
KAWE  (3/23/2020) 
oh cool (Pink Floyd?)
watcher570  (3/23/2020) 
still have the floyd album btw nice scene!
Nanook  (3/23/2020) 
hedgehog1965  (3/24/2020) 
Thanks all - I'm tickled pink :-)