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The Sacrificial Roll
I will gladly sacrifice mine.

Input text: 
a man.the suit of the man is black. the tie of the man is red.the hair of the man is sandy brown. a human head is -1.3 feet above and -1 feet in front of the man.a .5 feet tall roll is -.27 feet in front of and -1.5 feet above and -.5 feet right of the head. it leans 80 degrees to the front. it faces southeast. a 4 feet tall wood lectern is in front of the man. it faces back. a 1.5 feet wide and .1 inch tall [pres] circle is -1.5 feet above and 1 inch in front of the lectern. it leans 90 degrees to the front. backdrop is stage
##HD #inthistogether #pandemic 
Scene credits:
zamchick (3/25/2020) 
useful household item
hedgehog1965 (3/25/2020) 
Needs to be a lot bigger though
Nanook (3/25/2020) 
@hedgehog1965 my sister suggested a econ pack of tp. She may be right!
hedgehog1965 (3/26/2020) 
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