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Self-testing Ego Swab

Input text: 
The image backdrop. the man. the head is -27 inches above and -6 inches to the right of the man. it is -25 inches behind the man. it is facing left. the donkey is to the left and -40 inches in front of the man. it is leaning back. it is 1 foot above the ground.
Attributions (3D models): head
nheiges  (3/26/2020) 
watcher570  (3/27/2020) 
Nanook  (3/27/2020) 
I can see the you are as tired of his 'Daily Side Show' as I am. To add gasoline to the fire he is interrupting Jeopardy and that for me is the final straw. It thrills me to no end when the local news program interrupts him. I say enough already GRRRRRRRR!
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