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It's safe in the garden!

Input text: 
a shiny building.a man is behind the building.[building]sky.garden backdrop.a woman is 1 feet left of the man.she is -2.1 feet above the man.the woman is facing north.she is 5 feet in front of the man.a dog is 3 feet left of the man.it is facing the man.
boneybird (3/27/2020) 
KAWE (3/27/2020) 
so far so good
Nanook (3/27/2020) 
Wonder...if your pet visits a neighbor and they have the virus and pet Fido, can Fido bring it back to you?? Guess I have too much idle time for thinking.
hedgehog1965 (3/27/2020) 
I read not to walk around with your outdoor shoes in the house; not sure if that applies to pets' feet as well?
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