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Vignette — Keywords: file, folder

Input text: 
1st cream paper. backdrop is white. 2nd 1.7 inch deep and .7 inch long cream paper is -.16 inch left of and -3 inch in front of and -.2 inch above the paper. 3rd cream paper is -.2 inch above the 1st paper. it leans 4 degrees to the left. camera light is dim
666 (3/31/2020) 
What is this and what it for?
I red about vignetes in scene workspace and understand nothing.
Nanook (3/31/2020) 
@666 The vignettes are models created by the user that can be used by anyone. This is a way to generate something that would require too much text in a scene also. If you can imagine it, a model that isn't in the Library can be built by combining models that do exist. You need to set the backdrop as white and then 'save as vignette', then you will need to give it a name such as 'file, folder' above then if you want to use it in a scene it will be in the library under that name.
Nanook (3/31/2020) 

here is another example, if you click on the vignettes at the top left on the gallery page you can see what has been generated :-)
666 (3/31/2020) 
And why such the strange title? It makes misunderstood.
Why vignette? It's not a vignette.
It can be named DIY object of user's object or smth like this, but vignette?
it does not match the meaning of the word, discourages and misleads.
666 (3/31/2020) 
Absolutely random word i suppose
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