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Avoiding the Airborne
people are returning to the sea

Input text: 
the ocean backdrop. the 1st diver is 2 foot to the right of the 2nd diver. the 1st diver is -8 feet above the second diver. the 1st diver is leaning 20 degrees to the right. the 2nd diver is leaning 10 degrees to the left.
##getty  ##HD  #pandemic 
Effects: Invert, Illustration
Attributions: Getty Images
hedgehog1965  (4/3/2020) 
That's given me an idea for our next holiday...
zamchick  (4/3/2020) 
nheiges  (4/3/2020) 
The governor just opened our beaches back up. O_o
Nanook  (4/3/2020) 
Whaaaaat ? You have got to be kidding! He's going backwards!
hedgehog1965  (4/4/2020) 
The meek will stay at home anyway; the rest can flock to the beach
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