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Just Slapping Meals Together
pandemic life

Input text: 
the foods are on the plate in the kitchen.
##HD #pandemic 
nheiges (4/7/2020) 

a balanced meal, no less!
lespaulguy (4/7/2020) 
:-) sugar and grease, a very good feast
Nanook (4/7/2020) 
Just made a cake with a cake mix and a can of pineapples I couldn't bring myself to use 3 eggs but I did sacrifice a whole stick of real BUTTER for the buttercream frosting. MMMmmmMMMmmmm!!!
nheiges (4/7/2020) 
That sounds delicious @Nanook! It's time to get creative with pantry ingredients :-)
hedgehog1965 (4/7/2020) 

We designed our own pizzas tonight
lespaulguy (4/8/2020) 
great ingredients! :-)
boneybird (4/8/2020) 
Existential Crisis

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