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Find the cow:

Input text: 
the forest backdrop. the very tiny cow is .5 foot in the tree. it is leaning 30 degrees to the back.
Contrast, Saturation
nheiges (2020) 
I found it, but I won't spoil it for everyone else by pointing it out. :-)
lespaulguy (2020) 
you're a trooper
hedgehog1965 (2020) 
Nope, I need a clue
Nanook (2020) 
saw it right away...oh well, kind of like a game show "Idiot Test" comes to mind....my favorite and now we're getting the 'Game Show' channel YAY!
Nanook (2020) 
PS- What do we win?
watcher570 (2020) 
what cow? :-)
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