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3 tablets/day w fast food

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the bathroom backdrop. the jar is on the table. the 1st paper is in front of the jar. it is face down. it is 3.2 inches deep and 3.2 inches wide. it is 1 inch above the table. the [pill] texture is on the paper. a 2nd white paper is in front of the 1st paper. it is face down. it is 2.7 inches wide and 2 inches deep. it is 1.5 inches above the table.
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KAWE (4/7/2020) 
Goose Jetski (4/7/2020) 
build the wall 2020
Nanook (4/7/2020) 
oh I can't stop laughing. Help me, I'm getting sore :-DDDDD
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