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it came from the sea

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matte [texture] statue is 0.1 foot in ground. big bat is 0.5 foot right of statue and 5.3 feet above ground. bat is facing southeast. 3 foot tall table is -0.1 foot right of statue. table's surface is [wood]. 1 foot wide [texture] bowl is on table and -2 feet to left. 0.8 foot tall flower is 0.1 foot left of bowl. flower is facing down. flower is facing northeast. 0.5 foot tall skull is 4 inch in bowl and -0.6 foot to right. skull is leaning -45 degrees to ground. 4 foot tall and 4 foot wide 25% reflective black first balcony is 1 inch behind table and -0.2 foot above table. 4 foot tall and 4 foot wide 25% reflective black second balcony is -5 inch left of first balcony. 4 foot tall and 4 foot wide 25% reflective black third balcony is -5 inch left of second balcony. ground is 100 foot wide water. 3.2 foot wide cube is 1 foot behind statue and -2.5 foot to left. cube is 25% reflective black. grass artichoke is -1 inch left of skull. 0.6 foot tall and 0.6 foot wide cabbage is -4 inch left of skull and -6 inch to back. 0.8 foot tall buck knife is -2 inch in front of bowl and -6 inch to right. knife is facing down. knife is facing southwest. knife's handle is brown. 20 foot long rock is 50 foot behind table and 5 foot in ground. rock is 2 feet to right. rock is facing back. camera light is powder blue. mahogany light is 3 feet in front of statue and 7 feet above ground. light is facing bat
coyne (4/10/2020) 
KAWE (4/11/2020) 
Nanook (4/11/2020) 
nheiges (4/11/2020) 
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