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A Tiny Survey

Input text: 
the desert backdrop. The huge "Why?". the very tiny [sand] sphinx is 16 feet in front and -10 foot to the left of the "Why?". it is facing right. the very tiny camel is to the right of the sphinx. it is facing southwest. the very tiny 1st man is 1 foot to the left and behind the camel. he is facing back. he is 9 inches above the ground. a very tiny 2nd man is to the right of the 1st man. he is facing back. a tiny woman is behind and -3 inches to the left of the first man. she is on the ground. she is facing the 1st man.
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tane69 (4/11/2020) 

hedgehog1965 (4/12/2020) 

It's so much quicker than using other types of art medium :-)
nheiges (4/12/2020) 

nheiges (4/12/2020) 
Also having the community to share and interact with is very motivating.
boneybird (4/12/2020) 
Because, I get to live with an idea for awhile. And not just react to all the craziness.
Nanook (4/12/2020) 
Oh sorry I was so busy doing Wordseye I almost missed the survey. Need I say more? Great fun and who needs a studio?
KAWE (4/13/2020) 
WE is the perfect complement to "conventional" painting and drawing
opalduck  (4/13/2020) 
Its honestly a great accessible tool for creating 3D art, and its just so different from any other kind of medium. When I make a scene, I never know how its going to turn out even if I know exactly what I want, and I mean that in a good way. Its fun to use an experimental medium like this, plus the community is one of the nicest on the internet in my opinion.
zamchick (4/14/2020) 
Thank you everyone! Great to see your colorful and thoughtful replies. There is something in your DNA that makes you particularly fond of making scenes. So we are trying to bottle some of those insights and see if it can't help others get up to speed on the platform :-) Fun, Quick, enabling non-artists, community, anywhere anytime, complementing original work, and the "experience" of exploring what you'll get e.g. wordplay, composition, the unexpected...are all great outcomes. And I know opalduck speaks for us about the nature of the community we see here! We'll keep this up for a bit if there are stragglers. Thanks so much!
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