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Can I just sleep through it?

Input text: 
a clear white bed. its blanket is clear. its pillow is clear. a 6 foot tall clear white person leans 85 degrees to the back. she is -3.3 feet above the bed. its mattress is clear white. a light is above the bed. camera light is petrol blue.
Effects: Invert, Posterize, Solarize
Attributions (3D models): person
KAWE  (4/12/2020) 
Try it, you will have to sleep long
nheiges  (4/12/2020) 
I gave it a shot yesterday, spending most of it in bed. . . but you're right, it wasn't long enough.
Nanook  (4/12/2020) 
I love the nights when I can actually sleep all the way through and really feel rested as opposed to the ones where I wake pre-dawn and can't get the covid dream to quit replaying. Sleepless in Texas!
nheiges  (4/12/2020) 
Oh, I know what you mean, @Nanook. I've had too many nights like that too!
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