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Another Survey Question
(no fair asking for more wishes)

Input text: 
the desert backdrop. The group. The 1st man is -5 inches in front and -14 inches to the left of the group. He is 5 inches tall. He is facing northwest. He is leaning 30 degrees to the front. the smoke of the group is pale yellow. the 2nd man is 1 inch above and 6 inches to the left of the 1st man. he is 4 inches tall. A woman is 2 inches to the left and in front of the 1st man. she is 7 inches tall. she is facing northeast. a 2nd woman is 9 inches behind and 1 inches to the right of the 1st man. she is 8 inches tall. The "Wish" is -5.5 foot above and -2.5 feet to the right of the group. it is in front of the group.
Textbox, Textbox
tane69 (4/14/2020) 
- tutorial scenes with more advanced syntax (e.g. leaning, specifying precise positions of objects, specifying colour and position of lights and different types of lights...)
- a list of supported colours... I always use the same 3 or 4 colours because I don't know the names of other ones
- can't think of a third one :p
zamchick (4/14/2020) 
Thank you tane69! Great suggestions about positioning and specifying things.

You can find the names of all the colors on the system on the HELP colors page. This can now be accessed via the MORE button in the HELP tab on the CREATE page. You'll see a link to Surfaces * Colors.
opalduck  (4/14/2020) 
Some good things I could recommend are an accessible list of supported verbs and/or supported adjectives (like reflective, dark, etc). Another neat thing would be to add more visual examples of how lighting can change a scene, especially with the sun-light since the changes it can make are so drastic, so people don't have to spend as much time fidgeting with the lighting.
hedgehog1965 (4/14/2020) 
An update to the app to cover the features that got missed out (and the newer ones, especially stories) - but would be good if it still supported the ancient version of iOS I'm stuck on :-)

(Probably some Android users out there who'd like to join in the party too.)

Also, support for more than a single undo/redo.

How about a colour picker widget as an alternative to typing in colour names? (or allow: #RRGGBB)

Transparency: would be nice if you could filter on images with transparent backgrounds etc, and be able to upload your own (either as png with alpha channel, or even the old fashioned way of having a fixed colour as transparent like magenta)

Oops I think I've just gone over my wish limit ;-)
tane69 (4/14/2020) 
thanks for letting me know about the colour list, I didn't know that existed! i thought of a third suggestion... the ability to save camera positions. sometimes the camera position changes when I move an object and it can be frustrating to try to get it back to the original position.
coyne (4/15/2020) 
@tane69, Yes saving camera positions would be very useful on its own. And it's something useful for creating animations where you can fly through a scene. So it's something we'd like to make available before too long (you'll notice a "my views" stub in the camera area, for just that purpose).
coyne (4/15/2020) 
@hedgehog1965, unfortunately we don't currently have the abilty to upgrade the ios app with the newer features. Have you tried the mobile browser interface? That is not quite as smooth as the native iOS app, but it is more up to date (though not completely) and is something we are actively maintaining....e.g. stories can be viewed there (though not authored yet). Supporting a way to enter RGB values in an intriguing idea, and easy to implement. I'm actually not sure, offhand, exactly how transparency in images is handled by the renderer...you might have a better idea of that than I do :-)
coyne (4/15/2020) 
@opalduck (and others) we will definitely be updating the various help materials to provide more examples of how to control different aspects of the scene. This willl happen relatively soon (probably right after an initial release of animation occurs). You all have had to figure out these techniques/capabilities from examples in the gallery, but that needs to all be written down explicitly to make it easier to find and digest, especially for new users who come along.
nheiges (4/16/2020) 
Here are my three wishes. 1) I think that tutorial exercises - not just demos - could be helpful for new users. I spent a lot of studying other people's scenes and trying to replicate them. If I were to design a tutorial for new users, I would have a "try it out" feature, a section of the website where users could attempt to replicate increasingly complex scenes with a chance to compare their text to the model's text at the end. 2) The little walk-through videos are great, but I would add a voice explaining what's going on as well. 3) Finally - and this is my biggest wish - I would like to see more racial/ethnic diversity in our models and images. I couldn't find a Black face image for my zoom scene recently and only saw very few other non-White images.
nheiges (4/16/2020) 
Oh, and #TipTuesday from long ago - those were really helpful. Those could be added to and link to the hashtag could be featured or at least placed in the help section.
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