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....on the wing

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the first row of two structures are on the big grass mountain range. they are -10 feet apart. the second row of two structures are behind the first row. they are -8 feet apart. they are facing south. the very large unreflective pink pig is -10 feet above the structure. it is -12 feet behind the structure. it is facing north. the sky is cloudy. it is morning. the camera light is brown. the small white illuminator is 13 feet behind the pig.
rws (legacy) 
I thought it was an open question whether they had them.
dk (legacy) 
rws (legacy) 
no, I was referring to something else which is equally conjured up by your image of pigs and the phrase "wings"
dk (legacy) 
when pigs fly?
rws (legacy) 
whether they have wings
dk (legacy) 
ahh, of course
666 (legacy) 
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