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dark sarcasm

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large meat grinder is on a huge plate. a tiny boy is above the meat grinder. the boy is upside down. a row of 7 tiny boys is 1.5 feet to the right of the meat grinder. the boys are facing the meat grinder. the boys are 1 feet apart. the hotdog is in front of the meat grinder. the small building is 5 feet behind the meat grinder. it is facing east. the airplane is 5.6 feet above the plate. it is 1.7 feet long. the very tiny plane is in front of the airplane. the tiny white illuminator is 4 feet to the left of the meat grinder. the sky is partly cloudy. it is morning. the camera light is 40% bright.
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rws (legacy) 
oh god, I fear a string of meatgrinder pictures now.
dk (legacy) 
but they'll be ever so tasteful.
rws (legacy) 
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