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death in the city

Input text: 
a factory. shiny structure is behind factory and -10 feet to left. 30 foot tall hotel is behind structure and -10 feet to left. shiny 20 foot tall water tower is behind factory and 3 feet to right. 25 foot tall shiny building is behind water tower and -9 foot to left. 100 foot wide [gray] circle is -30 foot behind factory. 49 foot long and 8 feet wide cappuccino brown jungle gym is -7 foot behind circle and -70 foot to right. jungle gym is facing up. jungle gym is leaning 90 degrees to left. ground is 25% reflective 200 foot wide [water]. 6.2 foot tall man is -2 foot behind factory and 12 feet above ground. man is -18 feet to left. man is facing back. 120 foot wide and 20 foot deep square is on circle and -120 feet to back. square is -57 feet to right. square is facing left. square is 20% reflective [texture]. sun is wine red. lavender light is 5 foot in front of circle and 30 foot above ground. . 35 foot tall black galleon is 10 feet behind circle. galleon is facing southeast. galleon's rig is black. 5 foot wide crt is -2 foot in front of hotel and 18 feet above ground. crt is -12 foot to right. crt's frame is shiny. crt's screen is [emer]. camera light is electric blue. spicy gold light is 5 foot in front of circle and 30 feet above ground. light is 20 feet to right. light is facing man. lavender light is 5 foot in front of circle and 30 foot above ground. light is 20 feet to left. light is facing man. salmon light is behind man.
lespaulguy (4/17/2020) 
so cool
mohapn15 (4/17/2020) 
This is just awesome. How did you get emergency alert system display to show up?
tane69 (4/17/2020) 
@mohapn15 I just uploaded it as a texture and applied it to the tv screen. it seems to be a crapshoot whether or not textures work properly when you try to do things like that.
KAWE (4/18/2020) 
nheiges (4/18/2020) 
fascinating scene!
hedgehog1965 (4/19/2020) 
Nicely put together
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