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The Perch
I couldn't get WE to give me a 3D "path" or "street" or "road," just backdrops. But this result is interesting.

Input text: 
backdrop is invisible. a bird is on a 1000 foot deep and 2 foot wide and .001 foot tall street. a small pheasant is in front of the bird. a very small pheasant is in front of the pheasant.
Canvas texture, Saturation, Brightness, Brightness
lespaulguy (2020) 
lovely painting
coyne (2020) 
@nheiges, Yes, that seems to be a problem (getting only a choice of backdrops when you say "the bird is ON the street" or any location, which I assume is what you might have said). I will look into this.. But meanwhile, if you say "the bird is above the street" (any distance) or "the bird is left of the street" or other relations other that "in" or "on" or "at" it should give you a 3D object instead.
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