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Looking for a Late Night Snack

Input text: 
ground is 500 foot wide [forest]. background is forest. background is 50% dark. a ball. a 300 foot tall dinosaur is 3225 feet behind and 1000 feet right of the ball. 3 peach puff lights are 10 feet in front of the dinosaur. it is evening.
Attributions: Getty Images
lespaulguy  (4/21/2020) 
a goat on a rope perhaps?
mohapn15  (4/21/2020) 
This is great! How did you manage to get the trees to look so bright?
nheiges  (4/21/2020) 
Thanks! It's those peach puff lights, I think :-)
mohapn15  (4/21/2020) 
Awesome!! Thanks for sharing! I will give it a try
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