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a shot story

Input text: 
the bathroom backdrop. the head is -27 inches above and in front of the man. it is -29 inches to the left of the man. it is leaning 40 degrees to the right. the large bottle is -9.5 inches to the right and -7 inches above the man. it is -1 inch in front of the man. it is leaning 110 degrees to the right. the tiny green clear fountain is -3 inches to the left and -18.8 inches above the bottle. it is leaning 33 degrees to the left.
Scene credits:
fountain (Vignette)
lespaulguy (4/23/2020) 

lespaulguy (4/23/2020) 

lespaulguy (4/23/2020) 

lespaulguy (4/23/2020) 

hedgehog1965 (4/24/2020) 
Not much change then, it just stripped off the veneer...
hedgehog1965 (4/24/2020) 
Was looking at the scene literally, rather than symbolically! Works both ways :-)
nheiges (4/24/2020) 
lespaulguy (4/24/2020) 
Made it into a story instead. "Stripped off the veneer" hahahahaha
KAWE (4/24/2020) 
The world is shocked by such madness. May be, the virus is a little frightened, but the "patient" is dead .... and the virus cannot multiply in dead cells. All dead, pandemic ends!
nheiges (4/24/2020) 
In November of 2016, I thought this is going to be so bad, but I could never have imagined this level - this depth - of badness.
Nanook (4/24/2020) 
You mean this level of madness. He's totally insane and he's taking us all along on the psycho train with him (l'o'l)
hedgehog1965 (4/24/2020) 

Yes, he's getting you all tarred with the same brush...
nheiges (4/24/2020) 
You're absolutely right, @Nanook and thanks for the joke, @hedgehog1965 - made me laugh even though the truth of it hurts!
Goose Jetski (4/29/2020) 
vote for trump 2020 make america great again
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