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fountain (2)

Input text: 
ground is 10 foot wide [texture]. 10 foot wide first circle is on ground. circle is 5 foot wide 10% reflective [stone]. 12 foot wide [texture] torus is 2.6 foot in circle. torus is facing down. 6 foot wide fountain is on circle. fountain is garlic cream. fountain's exterior is old lace. 4.5 foot wide second shiny [water] circle is 2.7 foot in fountain. 10 foot tall shiny [metal] cage is 8 foot in fountain. 2.8 foot tall [texture] matte first woman is 2 foot in front of fountain and -2.5 foot to left.. woman is facing fountain. small [texture] second woman is 2 feet in front of fountain and 0.3 foot to right. woman is facing fountain. 15 foot tall first rock is 50 feet behind fountain and 1 foot in ground. rock is -6 foot to right. 17 foot tall second rock is 50 feet behind fountain and 1 foot in ground. rock is 30 foot to left. 500 foot long and 2000 foot deep square is 1 inch behind first rock and -10 feet to left. square is -0.1 inch in ground. square is shiny water. joshua tree is 5 foot behind fountain and 6.5 foot to left. 2.5 foot wide harpy eagle is 1 inch in front of joshua tree and 0.6 foot to right. harpy eagle is facing second woman. harpy eagle is leaning 10 degrees to back. 4 foot tall hanging mirror is -0.8 foot right of fountain and 10 foot to back. mirror is leaning 20 degrees to left. mirror is 1.5 foot in ground. tweed green white margin sasa is -1 inch in front of mirror and 0.1 inch in ground. big sand martin is 2 foot above mirror and -2 foot to right. sand martin is leaning 20 degrees to front. camera light is rye beige. ambient light is delft blue. sun is tangerine orange. dim powder blue light is above fountain.
zamchick (2020) 
Hey tane69, are there models you’d love to see in the system to support vaporwave? Thx!
Nanook (2020) 
tane69 (2020) 
@zamchick can't think of anything
hedgehog1965 (2020) 
Great Chirico-ish feel
tane69 (2020) 
@hedgehog1965 had to look that up... thanks... that was the vibe i was going for but i didn't know what to call it :)
nheiges (2020) 
cool idea for the fountain!
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