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sky is black.ground is invisible.a 1st 5 inch tall petrol blue eye.a 2nd 5 inch tall malachite green eye is 5 inch right of the 1st eye.a 15 inch tall red line is -12 inch above the 1st eye. the line is -6 inch right of the 1st eye.a 12 inch tall clear white mask is -9 inch above the 2nd eye.ambient light is linen.the 2nd eye is facing southwest.the mask is facing southwest.the 1st eye is facing southeast.a 1.5 inch tall white crow is -2.5 inch above the line.
Effects: Hue, Contrast, Canvas texture, Sharpen, Invert
watcher570  (5/3/2020) 
It maybe for a long time yet!
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