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Leading Separate Lives

Input text: 
a professor is sitting -1.65 feet above a chair. a 1st 15 foot tall and 20 foot wide flat bordeaux wine mauve wall is 2 feet left of and -6 feet in front of the chair. it faces left. a window is -12 feet above and right of the wall. it faces right. a 2nd 15 foot tall raspberry mauve wall is -.1 foot behind and -.1 foot right of the 1st wall. a tall boy is 2 feet in front of and 10 feet right of the professor. he faces back. a wood floor is -.1 foot right of the 1st wall. a flat 7 foot tall ivory cube faces right. it is -.02 foot left of and -6.5 feet above the window. it is noon. a 2.25 foot tall dog is .5 feet right of and -1.5 feet behind the chair. camera light is dim. ground is shiny. a beige rose light is 5 feet above and in front of the professor. ambient light is 60% dim.
Scene credits:
window, mirror (Vignette)
Nanook (2020) 
Speaks volumes! nice, even the dog seems disengaged
nheiges (2020) 
watcher570 (2020) 
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