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Nothing But Blue Skies

Input text: 
a flat clear wall is 20 feet tall. it is .1 foot in the ground. a 1st window is in front of and -19 feet above the wall. a 2nd window is 10 feet in front of the window. sky is dodger blue. shadow plane is invisible. ground is visible. ground is lime. backdrop is shiny aquamarine. a small shiny fuschia lamppost is 1 foot right of and behind the 2nd window. a 1.3 foot tall bird is -.05 foot above the lamppost. it faces southwest. sun's azimuth is 180 degrees.
Effects: Saturation
Attributions: window, mirr... by nheiges
hedgehog1965  (5/2/2020) 

Blue skies over our garden today, hopefully a good omen
watcher570  (5/3/2020) 
we have cloud!
Nanook  (5/3/2020) 
Ours are white hot no clouds with a touch of blue. Heat index was 100 degrees yesterday.
nheiges  (5/3/2020) 
Oh my goodness, sounds like you're in full summer already @Nanook. Spring is always too short in the south, but I'm hoping we get a few more pleasant days.
Nanook  (5/3/2020) 
Yeah it's been as cra cra as everything else it seems and by this weekend the high for the day will be in the 70's. We are blessed to have a pool, think it's going to be a life saver (insanity included) this summer :-). How are things in your world with everything opening up?
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