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Input text: 
a shiny 50 feet tall racket.the racket is leaning 90 degrees to the west.a man is -10 feet right of the racket.he is behind the racket.five mauve lights are 1 feet in front of the racket.the man is on the ground.the racket is 6 inches in the ground.the lights are on the ground.it is evening.six 45% red lights are 4 feet above the mauve lights.the ground is 75 feet tall.the ground is shiny.the ground is [space].the sky is texture.the texture is 3000 feet tall.a monster is left of the man.it is facing southeast.
Attributions (3D models): old man monster
nheiges  (5/3/2020) 
nice use of a racket!
Nanook  (5/3/2020) 
good one!
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