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Good boy .... bring the ball back

Input text: 
morning backdrop.a shiny black monster.pale shadow plane.a woman is 10 feet in front of the monster.she is facing the monster.a ball is in front of the monster.the sky is space.
Contrast, Sharpen
Other object credits:
Scene credits:
monster (Vignette)
KAWE (5/4/2020) 
nheiges (5/4/2020) 
they're so playful :-D
Nanook (5/4/2020) 
fun scene, my sister has a savannah cat that loves to play fetch.
hedgehog1965 (5/4/2020) 
If it's anything like fetch in our garden, it'll turn into a game of wrestle the ball from in between clamped teeth :-)
Nanook (5/4/2020) 
actually it (Dexter) likes hair ties and he retrieves them and drops them at her feet, endlessly :-DDD
nheiges (5/5/2020) 
Dexter is a special cat! :-D
hedgehog1965 (5/6/2020) 
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