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She ate the last croissant without offering to share.

Input text: 
a pot is on a table.a cup is 2 inches right of the pot.a woman is behind the table.kitchen backdrop.a man is left of the table.he is facing left.a bowl is 25 inches in front of the man.it is -34 inches above the man.the bowl is -3 inches left of the man.a spoon is -2 inches above the bowl.it is leaning 75 degrees to the north.a mug is left of the pot.it is facing east.the mug is in front of the pot.a 60% lemon light is above the bowl.the mug is charcoal.pale shadow plane. a [bread] croissant is in front of and -.7 feet above the woman. a hand is -.32 feet beneath and -.3 feet left of the croissant. it faces back. a white cylinder is 1 feet tall and .22 feet wide and .22 feet deep. it is -.2 feet beneath and -.28 feet behind the hand. it leans 35 degrees to the front. a tiny beige light is right of the croissant.
Scene credits:
watcher570 (5/5/2020) 
Nanook (5/5/2020) 
yep, I can see that happening, so far we've managed to work around the 'it's the last one' scenario without any major issues :-DD
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