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Family Meeting

Input text: 
a 1st 2.7 foot tall person is 10 feet left of and 5 foot in front of a marble. he faces the marble. he leans to the front. a 2nd 3.5 foot tall person faces the 1st person. she is -3 feet right of the 1st person. her shirt is [red]. a 3.5 foot tall dog is -.75 foot left of and -1 foot behind the 2nd person. a 1.5 foot tall cat is -3.2 foot left of and -1.5 feet in front of and -2.25 feet above the 1st person. the cat faces right. a large window is behind and -2 feet left of the dog. it is night. a cream light is 1 feet above and in front of the dog. an orange light is 10 feet in front of the cat.
Nanook (5/9/2020) 
Looks a little tense, seems we snap at each other a tad more these days but we also dismiss it without further ado.
nheiges (5/9/2020) 
That is understandable!
watcher570 (5/10/2020) 
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