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rock pool

Input text: 
ground is 5 foot wide [texture]. 8 foot wide shiny [water] first lake is 0.3 foot above ground. 9 foot wide second [texture] lake is 0.5 foot in first lake. second lake is 0.5 foot tall and 14 foot long. 5 foot tall white man is 3.5 foot in first lake. 1 foot tall [texture] first rock is -3.4 foot in front of second lake and -2 foot to left. rock is facing east. rock is 1 inch in ground. rock is upside down. man is facing rock. it is evening. second [texture] rock is 0.1 foot behind first rock. second rock is 9 foot long. third [texture] rock is -5.5 foot behind second rock and -1 foot to right. third rock is 4 foot tall. fourth [texture] rock is -1.6 foot right of third rock and -2.4 foot to front. 6 foot tall gold birdcage is -0.5 foot behind third rock and 0.5 foot to left. camera light is seashell. ambient light is blueberry blue. sun is black. 4 foot tall gray angel is in cage. primrose yellow light is above angel. large african violet is 1 inch in second rock and 1 foot to front. african violet is -1.2 foot to right. 5.5 foot tall bottle green witch hazel is -0.3 foot left of cage. echidna is 3 foot in front of witch hazel and -0.1 foot to right. big cardinal is 1 inch in fourth rock. cardinal is facing first rock. 7 foot tall bristlecone pine is 3 feet behind fourth rock and -3 foot to right. bristlecone pine is facing back. bristlecone pine's leaf is black
KAWE (2020) 
nheiges (2020) 
nothing like a relaxing in a rock pool at night after a long day :-)
Nanook (2020) 
very surreal!
hedgehog1965 (2020) 
Wonderful atmosphere
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