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Bejesus Seamus another one!

Input text: 
fantasy backdrop.a leprechaun.a small monster is left of the leprechaun.a small chest is in front of the leprechaun.it is facing the leprechaun.a gold light is behind the chest.a shiny rainbow is right of the chest.
Effects: Saturation
Attributions (3D models): leprechaun monster
KAWE  (5/17/2020) 
nheiges  (5/17/2020) 
love the scene and title!
Nanook  (5/17/2020) 
funny and fantasy like....a good story maker!
hedgehog1965  (5/17/2020) 
Last time I did a commute I found our office was at the end of a rainbow. Still haven't found the gold yet :-)
nheiges  (5/18/2020) 
check your CEO's bank account :-)
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