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Try to hold still while the doctor has a look around.

Input text: 
a 1st person's shirt is [pattern]. a 2nd person faces left. he is -1 foot right of the 1st person. a nurse is 1 foot left of and in front of the 1st person. the nurse faces back. the 1st person is -12 feet above a 12 foot tall lemon chiffon room. a large paper ceiling is above the room. a 8 foot deep and 4 foot tall white gurney is 5 feet behind the first person. it faces left. camera light is dim. a white light is -1 foot above the ceiling. the light is in front of the 1st person.
Saturation, Saturation, Brightness
Scene credits:
room (Vignette)
Nanook (5/20/2020) 
Who needs MRI's and X-rays
nheiges (5/20/2020) 
Right? This is so much more efficient :-)
KAWE (5/21/2020) 

it´s all ok:-)
nheiges (5/21/2020) 
great reply! :-)
nheiges (5/21/2020) 
Actually, there seems to be a small problem.

Nanook (5/21/2020) 
Seems to be growing.

nheiges (5/21/2020) 
The original diagnosis of monkey wrench was only half right.

hedgehog1965 (5/21/2020) 
zamchick (5/23/2020) 
Great replies! Did the doc use Listerine before doing that?
boneybird (5/23/2020) 
No Sign of Infection

watcher570 (5/24/2020) 
great scenes and threads!
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