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Electric Ivanhoe

Input text: 
a 100 inch tall silver robot.sky is brown.ground is invisible.sun is gainsboro.a 20 inch tall and 22 inch deep and 22 inch wide silver tube is -24 inch above the robot.a 10 inch tall blue tetrahedron is -12 inch above the tube.the tetrahedron is upside down.the tetrahedron is 10 inch in front of the tube.a 40 inch tall silver headset is -22 inch above the tube.a 5 inch tall silver mouth is -16 inch above the tetrahedron.a 1st 5.5 inch tall silver eye is -3 inch left of the tetrahedron.the 1st eye is 2.0 inch above the tetrahedron.a 2nd 5.5 inch tall silver eye is 7 inch right of the 1st eye.
Effects: Sharpen
Attributions (3D models): robot
coyne  (yesterday) 
that's great!
watcher570  (yesterday) 
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