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WordsEye users are invited to remove their masks and express their feelings about our current crisis. We have populated a shelf in the WordsEye Store with relevant models (including a roll of toilet paper) that must be used in your scenes. Please read about the RULES and PRIZES below. [*** Contest has finished -- winners will be announced shortly ***]

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##HD #artforthedisinfected 
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WordsEye (2020) 

  • Scenes to be judged by the WE team, including cartoonist, artist, and WordsEye co-founder Gary Zamchick.

  • The scenes will be judged on the following criteria:

    • Relevance to theme

    • Relevant use of the contest pack models

    • Conceptual clarity

    • Artfulness

    • Originality or humorous quality

  • The scene must use at least 2 models from the Art for the Disinfected content pack. Other models (i.e. those not in the contest content pack) can also be used.

  • The scene must be tagged with the hashtag #artforthedisinfected

  • Participants can submit as many scenes as they like.


First prize winner
A $150 Amazon gift card and 2000 WordsEye tokens.

Second prize
A $100 Amazon gift card and 1000 WordsEye tokens

Third prize
A $50 Amazon gift card and 500 WordsEye tokens

We will also be awarding prizes to two other artists that round out the top 5.

The contest begins 5.29.20 and runs through 6.26.20.
zamchick (2020) 
As per @Nanook's chat comment, "toilet paper" is just a colorful reference to the kinds of models in the "Art for the Disinfected" contest pack. A minimum of (2) models can be used in each scene submitted. And yes, it's not possible to unlock these contest models individually.
hedgehog1965 (2020) 
Very minor bug - I just successfully purchased pack 28 but the popup said "You have successfully purchased the content of pack 27"
coyne (2020) 
Hi @hedgehog1965. Thanks for the report. This is now fixed. It was an inconsistency in the number printed on the confirmation pop-up (0-based vs 1-based).
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