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Tekahionwake's Legends

Input text: 
A shiny long thin bed is in a 50% shiny lake. It is leaning front. Camera light is black. 2 green lights are behind the bed. A huge clam is -2 feet left of and 1 foot in front of the bed. It is facing southeast. The sun is amber. A huge knife is 4 feet right of and -2.2 feet behind the clam. It is leaning 82 degrees to the back. A huge clam is left of and -1 foot behind the clam. It is facing northeast. A huge elk is left of and -12 feet above the lake. It is facing northeast. Backdrop is 50% dark. A navy light is above and right of the elk. 2 dim red lights are in front of the clam. A light is behind the elk. An enormous 50% shiny scarlet leaf is 1 feet in the bed. It is facing southeast.
Brightness, Mottled, Saturation
KAWE (5/29/2020) 
nheiges (5/29/2020) 
Fascinating scene - made me rush off to Google to see what the title references. :-)
Nanook (5/29/2020) 
Wonderful, I had to look it up too. My first thought was Canada :-)
hedgehog1965 (5/29/2020) 
Thanks - I have an uncle who's half Highlander, half Native Canadian
boneybird (6/1/2020) 
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