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Pleasant Anticipation

Input text: 
image-15197 backdrop. "Happy birthday," is above "2 today!"
122 (Created on: IOS)
Nanook (5/30/2020) 
Happy birthday, it's so nice to sing the song without the accompaniment of a hand washing regime. I never heard of Yoppy Crisps :-)
nheiges (5/30/2020) 
Happy birthday to Miss Topaz!
hedgehog1965 (5/30/2020) 

Thanks; this is her playing with her other present :-)
opalduck  (5/31/2020) 
ooooh a baby!!!
nheiges (5/31/2020) 
She still looks like a puppy :-)
Nanook (6/1/2020) 
OOOHHHH!!! She's so adorable and I can just feel her energy. Just what the heart needs. Please keep more coming :-) My unexpected Bailey has been a wonderful blessing too!
hedgehog1965 (6/1/2020) 
Yes they definitely brighten things up in times of crisis :-)
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