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Someone's Stepping Right Out of Line

Input text: 
Town backdrop. A 4 feet high surgical mask is 1 foot right of and -10 feet in front of a bus.A bus is behind the bus. A bus is behind the bus. Azimuth of the sun is 320 degrees. Camera light is black. A boy is -2.5 feet behind and -2 feet left of the mask. A girl is right of the boy. A woman is behind the girl. A policeman is 6 feet in front of the mask. A 3.5 feet high green surgical mask is 7 feet behind the mask. A man is -4 feet left of and -2.5 feet behind the mask. A 3.5 feet high 10% shiny [flag] surgical mask is 8 feet behind the mask. It is 1.5 foot right of the bus. Trump is -2.5 feet behind and -1 foot right of the mask. The policeman is facing trump. A cream light is in front of and right of and -1 foot above the policeman. The sun is pink.
##HD #artforthedisinfected 
Cracked paint
lespaulguy (2020) 
A ride none us us have wanted to get on
Nanook (2020) 
God help us all !!!
hedgehog1965 (2020) 
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