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Space a-mighty

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The image backdrop. The covid19 is 1.3 foot to the right of the small head. It is 8 inches tall. It is 1 inch above the bottom of the head. The black car is 3 feet to the right of the head. It is 4 inches tall. It is facing left. It is leaning 10 degrees to the back. The fire is 3 inches in the car. It is 5 inches tall. The 2nd fire is 2 inches in the car. It is 6 inches tall. the murder hornet is 1.8 foot in front and to the right of the covid19. It is facing northwest. It is 2.5 inches tall. The red light is 2 inches above and 4 inches in front of the murder hornet.
##HD #artforthedisinfected 
Meme text
Scene credits:
fire,flame (Vignette)
nheiges (5/30/2020) 
Nothing to worry about anymore - hey, is that a housefly?
Nanook (5/31/2020) 
OOhhh, OOOHHH, OOhh God help us all!!
Nanook (5/31/2020) 
hedgehog1965 (6/1/2020) 
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