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Hot Dogs

Input text: 
The image square. a small border collie is in front of and -1 foot left of the square. it faces northeast. a linen light is 10 feet south of and 10 feet east of the border collie.
Nanook  (6/2/2020) 
is this your dog?
nheiges  (6/2/2020) 
Yes, that's Bonnie :-) She stayed in the shade when visited my MIL - it was really hot outside!
Nanook  (6/2/2020) 
She's beautiful, I had a border collie when I was 3 and she literally bordered me, Mom said she kept me in check. Her name was Queeny and I still have memories of her.
nheiges  (6/2/2020) 
Aw, sweet :-) I can imagine a border collie as a babysitter :-)
nheiges  (6/3/2020) 

An unrealistic update - a hot dog couldn't stay in front of her long enough for the human eye to perceive it.
hedgehog1965  (6/3/2020) 
Our daughter times dog dinner time - record so far is 65 seconds
nheiges  (6/3/2020) 
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