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The Private Clubhouse

Input text: 
a house. a big [tile] floor is -11.05 feet above the house. a 1st person is on the floor. she is -8 feet in front of and -5.5 feet left of the house. she faces right. a dog is -.8 feet in front of the person. the dog faces right. a small [image-15212] painting faces back. it is 1.55 foot in front of and above and -1 foot right of the dog. ambient light is black. camera light is beige rose. a light is 2 feet above and 2 feet right of the person. a 1st 1.45 foot tall and .025 foot wide flat black cube is behind the painting. a 2nd 1.45 foot wide and .025 foot tall flat black cube is -.03 foot behind and -.75 feet above the cube.
Saturation, Talk Balloon
Nanook (6/3/2020) 
too funny! she really has the expression that's perfect for this scene!
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