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Chain of Command

Input text: 
A large silver mirror is leaning 80 degrees to the back. A navy light is right of the mirror. A -10% dark 10% shiny bird is 2 feet above the mirror. It is facing southeast. Camera light is black. Altitude of the sun is 120 degrees. The sun is silver. Ambient light is brown. A dark insect is -1.5 foot right of the bird. It is upside down. It is facing southwest. A light is above the insect. A huge silver sphere is right of the insect. The ground is silver. A humongous clear sphere is 2.5 feet right of the sphere. A shiny black chain is below and -3.8 feet left of the bird. It is facing northeast. A dark shiny flag is -2 inch in front of the chain. It is facing northeast.
Effects: Saturation
Attributions (3D models): insect
lespaulguy  (6/3/2020) 
hedgehog1965  (6/4/2020) 
Nanook  (6/5/2020) 
powerful scene that left me unable to speak to, well done!
hedgehog1965  (6/5/2020) 
Thanks Nanook