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breaking free

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a shiny cage is 1 inch in a 1 foot tall and 2.5 foot deep 20% reflective [texture] cube. cube is 2.5 foot wide. cage is -2.5 foot in front of cube. 3 foot tall pale first woman is 3 foot in cage and -2.8 foot to front. woman is leaning 50 degrees to front. woman's shirt is white. sun is anthracite gray. ambient light is midnight blue. camera light is old gold. savannah gold light is 1 foot in front of woman. light is facing woman. 4 foot tall shiny anthracite gray hanging mirror is 3 foot behind cube and -0.7 foot to right. mirror is leaning 20 degrees to left. mirror is 1 foot in ground. big shiny murder hornet is 0.1 foot above mirror. hornet is leaning 20 degrees to ground. first toilet paper roll is 5 inch in front of mirror and 0.01 inch in ground. toilet paper roll is -16 inch to left. toilet paper roll is leaning 90 degrees to ground. 3 foot tall second woman is 0.2 foot right of cube. second woman is facing northeast. second toilet paper roll is -1 inch left of first toilet paper roll. second toilet paper roll is upside down. big pale bat is 2 foot in front of mirror and -2 inch above ground. bat is -2 foot to right. bat is facing up. bat is leaning 75 degrees to back. bat is facing southeast. pond blue light is above bat. 1.5 foot wide 20% reflective lake is -2.2 foot in front of bat and 0.1 inch in ground. lake is 1 foot wide [texture]. ground is 10 foot wide [texture]. 7 foot tall black joshua tree is 1 foot behind mirror and -0.5 foot to left.
##HDx2 #artforthedisinfected 
KAWE (2020) 
what many people want to do
hedgehog1965 (2020) 
Nice reflections and lighting
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