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sterilize me

Input text: 
a shiny [texture] soap dispenser is leaning 20 degrees to right. soap dispenser is facing back. 0.25 foot tall clear white bulb syringe is -1.2 inch right of soap dispenser and 0.175 foot above ground. small white hand is -1.4 inch above soap dispenser and -4 inch to left. hand is facing down. hand is facing right. hand is leaning 45 degrees to front. 1 foot tall and 1 foot wide wall is 0.1 foot behind soap dispenser and -0.98 foot to right. wall is 0.1 inch deep. wall is 0.5 foot wide [texture]. 0.1 inch tall and 1 foot wide square is -1 inch in front of wall. square is 20% reflective [tile]. 0.15 foot tall 20% reflective covid19 is -1.3 inch right of soap dispenser. camera light is anthracite gray. ambient light is powder blue. cobalt blue light is 0.5 foot in front of bulb syringe. sun is old gold. 30 foot long shiny city block is -1 foot right of wall and 20 foot to back. city block is 0.3 foot in ground. 0.6 foot long celadon green cot is 0.1 foot behind wall and 0.25 foot to right. cot is facing back. 0.5 foot long man is -0.1 inch above cot. man is facing up. 0.5 foot tall medical doctor is 4 inch behind cot. 0.5 inch wide toilet paper roll is -0.11 foot in front of medical doctor and 0.25 foot above ground. toilet paper roll is -0.055 feet to right. ground is 4 foot wide [stone]. 1 foot wide bat is 0.1 foot above medical doctor and -0.1 foot to right. bat is facing southeast. 1.4 foot long bus is 5 foot behind medical doctor and 1.6 foot to right. bus is facing right. cherry red light is in front of covid19. sun is antique mauve. 30 foot long and 10 foot wide [texture] second square is 5 foot behind medical doctor. square is 0.01 inch tall.
##HDx2 #artforthedisinfected 
Scene credits:
bat (Vignette)
KAWE (2020) 
great scene
lespaulguy (2020) 
Welcome back, Cotter :-(

(We thought you were over COVID)
Nanook (2020) 
you managed to work in your color scheme too!
nheiges (2020) 
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