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Covid Cat Telemed

Input text: 
a table. the surface of the table is shiny [metal]. a man is -3.5 feet left of and in front of the table. he is 1 feet in the ground.a monitor is -3.3 feet right of and on the table.it faces the man. the display screen of the monitor is [cat talk]. the man faces the northeast. a chair is -3 feet right of and -.8 feet in front of the table. it faces northwest. the seat of the chair is beige.a soap dispenser is -2 feet left of and on the table.a mask is -.9 feet above and -2.23 feet behind and -2.1 feet right of the man. it faces northeast. backdrop is hospital. camera light is navajo white. a nurse is .3 feet behind and -1.5 feet left of the table. the nurse faces the monitor. a large cat is 2 inch left of the soap dispenser. it faces the monitor.
##HD #artforthedisinfected 
Contrast, Sharpen
KAWE (6/7/2020) 
nheiges (6/7/2020) 
funny :-)
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